Odalys Patrimoine's privileges

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The management of your property

You have full ownership of your property in an Odalys residence and you also entrust us with the management of your apartment thanks to a commercial lease. Odalys Vacances are renowned managers of tourist residences around France. They will look after the renting of your property, its maintenance and they still guaranteed you rental income each month, whether they occupy your property or not.

No need to worry about managing your property, no administrative constraints, no need to manage problems with tenants! Odalys is your one and only tenant.

The payment of your rents goes through whether your apartment is rented out or not.


Rent is guaranteed with your rental property investment.

As part of your property investment in a tourist residence managed by Odalys, receive a guaranteed rental income thanks to a commercial lease lasting a period of 9 to 11 years.

Throughout the term of the lease, you will not have to worry about whether your apartment is rented or not, the management company (Odalys) will pay your rent regardless. The manager of your property is non negligible. The Odalys Group has managed and operted over 283 residences over 12 years.

The solidity of the group and its experience in the tourism industry will ensure a serene investment.


Choose when you want to occupy your property 

Odalys gives you the opportunity to mix long-term investment with pleasure. As part of your investment, and according to your wishes, it is possible to occupy your apartment for your holidays.