The residences

Odalys tourist residences 


Nowadays, holidaymakers are more demanding and want higher
quality accommodations. Only tourist residencesseem to meet their wishes. Demand is on the up, which is why this market is growing so rapidly, so there is a very good rental potential.

Odalys' residences are situated in the very best locations and spread across the most beautiful regions in France: out by the seaside, in the mountains, in the countryside and now in the city. Each of our sites has an excellent location in a privileged setting with a high potential for development.

Odalys designs residences with a style that is considerate of its setting, the area's traditions and the site's characteristics.

Odalys strives to be welcoming and offer comfortable, quality accommodation for both the investor and for the holidaymaker. This, inevitably starts with the quality of the set-up and decorating of our residences: the interior of the apartments and communal areas will benefit from upscale materials and equipment.