Why choose to invest in french property with the Odalys Group?

The Odalys Group's background

Founded in 1998, Odalys Vacances has since established itself as a key player in the market of holiday home letting - being the second biggest in France today. Specialised in the running and letting of listed tourist residences, Odalys now manages a total of 328 residences / properties in France and has 115,000 beds. In 2012 they welcomed approximately 2.2 million customers and had a turnover of €212 million.


Its residence occupying system is very efficient thanks to its effective representation amongst works councils and Tour Operators. Odalys take on, through means of a lease, the rental of the apartments in its residences for a fixed and renewable period of 9 years minimum.

Backed by the Groupe Financière Duval (Duval Financial Group), Odalys has experienced a sustained growth rate, mostly due to its external growth policy.

During its development, the Odalys Group has structured itself around 3 principal aims:

- The occupation of its facilities
- The management of its residences
- The administration of the managed properties
(SGIT Gestion)

The Odalys Group's key figures

Odalys has:
  • 780 employees
  • 328 residences
  • 115,000 beds
Number of clients:
  • 2,2 million in 2012
  • French clientele: 60.9%
  • Foreign clientele: 39.1%
Turnover for 2011:
  • 212 million euros (+ 18.6%)
Breakdown of our clients' destination:
  • Sea: 43.4%
  • Mountain: 33.5%
  • Foreign escapes (Corsica, Spain, Sardinia, Italy and Croatia): 12.1%
  • Countryside: 11.1%
Number of properties:
  • 18,000 properties
  • 35,000 rentals per year
  • 105 residences and joint ownership buildings managed by SGIT.

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