Odalys' partners

Selected and reputable partners

Groupe Financière Duval

The Groupe Financière Duval (originally shareholders) is divided into 2 complimentary sectors: real estate and
operations (Leisure-tourism and health). They have an active network of Land tenures who position them as their long-term investor alongside local and national decision-makers. Therefore, the Groupe Financière Duval offers to its public and private clients a competence in turnkey real estate. The Groupe Financière Duval has 2,500



Nouveax Golfs de France (NGF) 

Nouveaux Golfs de France (NGF) manage golf courses which lie mainly around large French cities: Rouen, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nancy, Paris... These courses mainly belong to local communities. The company is the leader in France for golf instructing and NGF's academy has 35 instructors in total.

They have partnerships with other golfing companies, such as, Crown Golf (30 golf courses in Great Britain) and Aymerich (20 golf courses in Spain). NGF is ahead of the "Le Club", golf club associates (25 golf courses in France) and also build golf courses "Clef en main" in the sector of development operations (15 golf courses of reference). In 2008, NGF had a €14 million return on their 1 million investment. Nouveaux Golfs de France has 210 employees.




Fram decided to become partners with Odalys with the idea of developing 'Framissimas' in France. Their first major step came in the summer of 2009 when they opened a 'Framissima' on the seaside in the south of France: Les Albères is in Argelès-sur-Mer (in the Languedoc Roussillon region), in the heart of a 10 hectare wooded park.

The resort features a balneotheraphy centre and will benefit from all the advantages of the Framissimas: The FRAM team, children's clubs, cultural and sporting activities...

Similarly, at the start of the year FRAM will come out with a French brochure in which it will heavily features some of Odalys' residences next to a variety of different accommodation types - most notably, hotels and mobile homes.